How to use variables in Button Text Settings?

Variables are elements that takes values or text from the defined parameters like product quantity, discount values, selling price or product title. 

Below are the variables and their use in creating a bundle: 

1. {quantity} : This variable is used for product quantity in Volume Discount. When you assign a quantity to a product then with the use of this variable in Button Text Settings text the quantity value is fetched and shown in the ADD BUNDLE button.

2. {discount}: The variable is used for discount values given in the discount settings for percentage, fixed amount and selling price.

3. {sell_price}: The variable is used to set the final selling price for a bundle. 

For Example: There are two products Lipstick and Perfume and the store vendor wants to sell the bundle at final selling price $70. Then here is how the variable {sell_price} is used in the Button Text Settings.  

To see how to do the Discount settings for Selling price refer to this help article.

4. {quantity_left}: This variable is used for the quantity left out of total product quantity for Volume Discount Bundle. This variable is used in the Cart Hint section of Cart Page. 

5. {discount_value}: This variable is used to show the discount a user gets in the Cart Hint section at checkout.
Please note: Cart Hint only works in the case of Volume Discount Bundle. 

For example: If a customer adds a product to the cart and a volume discount bundle is already made for that product in the Bundles, then with the Cart Hint feature of the app, it will suggest the customer to add 1 more quantity to the product to get a discount.

6. {title}: This variable is used for product title when the product or variant of the product is Sold Out.

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