How to create a Volume Discount deal?

Volume Discounts: With Volume discounts upsell multiple quantities and increase average order value(AOV).

Steps to create the Volume Discount Offer:

1. Select the option Volume Discount from the Bundle Type.

2. Select the product option for which you want to create the Volume Discount.
- All products
- Specific selected products
- All products except selected

And, on checking Show variant options, you will be able to show the native variants of the product on the product page. This option is optional.

Now, configure the Discount settings for the Volume Offer. 

- Percentage
- Fixed Amount
- Set Selling Price

Note: Title text in the Discount Settings will be the Discount Tag at the cart and checkout. So, you can rename based on your offer. 

Provide the Bundle Title for the Volume offer.

Now, if you want to schedule the bundle with the date range, you can enable the Schedule Bundle switch and set start date and end date.

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