How to create a Standard Bundle offer?

Standard Bundle: Standard bundle allows you to select multiple products and variants to make a combo and offer discounts on them.

To create a Standard Bundle firstly configure the Discount settings you want to apply to the bundle and provide the Bundle Title that appears above the bundle.

Now, provide Button Top and Bottom Text for the ADD BUNDLE button. 

In the Button Text you can use variables for various parameters. Based on the variables the values are shown.

Variables available for use:

1. {discount} variable for discount value

2. {sell_price} variable for final selling price

Now, select the option on which shopify pages you want to show the bundle.

Product page(s) of the products in the bundle (default): This option will show the bundle on the product pages that are the part of the bundle.

Specific product page: Select the specific product page to where you want to show the bundle.

Embed bundle in any shopify page: Copy the code, open theme editor and paste the code in the liquid file of any Shopify page where you want to show the bundle. Refer to the Help article to embed the code on specific Shopify page.

Now, if you want to schedule the bundle with the date range, you can enable the Schedule Bundle switch and set start date and end date.

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