How to create widely used BOGO Offer?

BOGO Offer: BOGO Bundle allows you to offer Free Gift to your customers on the purchase of product(s).

Steps to create a BOGO Offer:
Select the option Buy X Get Y in Bundle Type.

You can choose the design template either Modern or Classic for BOGO based on your store theme/style.

Modern Template: You will see the design preview at right. To see the preview of the bundle with products, select the products in X and Y. You can even add multiple products in X and Y.
Example: Buy One Get One, Buy 2 Get 1 Free, Buy 2 Get 2 Free

Classic Template: Once you select Classic in Design template, you will see the design preview at the right.

After adding the products in X and Y, you need to select Free Gift in Discount Settings.

Now, provide the Bundle Title, Bundle Description and Button Text.

In Button Text settings you can provide texts like ADD TO CART, BUY NOW, ADD BUNDLE, etc. 
In the Button Text, you can use {discount} variable along with text. 

Now, select the option on which shopify pages you want to show the bundle. If you want to embed the bundle please refer this link to see the steps.

Now, if you want to schedule the bundle with the date range, you can enable the Schedule Bundle switch and set start date and end date.

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